Best Android Travel Apps

We know our customers are busy London commuters. So we’ve compiled a list of the best Android Apps for travelling. Take a look and comment below if you have any you think have to be added or shouldn’t be on the list.

1. You have Google Maps so check out Google Earth. Beautiful, clean crisp images of wherever you are, or wherever you’re going. With the “tour guide” option you can see anywhere in the world with your phone.


2. Red Spotted Hanky is essential for train travellers. You can pre-book tickets or check times, for anywhere in the UK, at home for a hassle-free journey. The only let down is not being able to apply loyalty discounts you have earned when purchasing from a phone.


3. The London Underground Map, comes with time-saving features such as journey mapper, live departure boards and lists of nearby places which make this Tube app stand out.


4. Convenient holiday comparison app Kayak collates all your details are in one place. Search and book through Kayak for one easy fluid transaction. You can find even out baggage fees and airport contact number through Kayak.


5. A final fun recommendation. Flow Free is an addictive puzzle game sweeping the nation. Connect the coloured dots sounds simple enough, but with sequel Flow Free: Bridges there’s hours of frustrating fun just waiting for you.


Are there any Apps you’ve used and hated? Or ones you think need to be on this list?  Comment you views below.

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